From Havana to Hollywood: The Journey of the Cuban Chain

Cuban chains, also known as curb chains, are a classic and timeless piece of jewellery that have been in vogue since the 1970s. Originally popularised by the hip-hop and rap music scenes, these chains have become a mainstay in men's fashion.

Origins of the Cuban Chain

Cuban chains have their roots in the streets of Havana, Cuba, where they were first popularised in the 1970s. The unique design is characterised by interlocking links with a twisted rope texture, inspired by the interlocking, curved links used to hold Cuban cigars together. The links of a Cuban chain are thick, heavy, and highly polished, giving the chain a bold and statement-making appearance and they quickly became a symbol of status and style. Cuban chains were often worn by musicians, particularly in the hip hop and rap scenes, and they became synonymous with the urban aesthetic of the time.



Evolution of the Cuban Chain

The popularity of the Cuban chain soon spread beyond Havana and into the United States, where it became a staple of hip hop fashion. Rappers and hip hop artists like Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., and Jay-Z were often seen wearing Cuban chains, and the style became an important part of their personal brands. As hip hop music became more mainstream, so too did the Cuban chain, and it soon became a symbol of youth culture and street fashion.



Cuban Chains Today

Today, the Cuban chain has evolved beyond its hip hop origins and has become a timeless classic in the world of fashion. It is no longer limited to the streets, but is now worn by men and women of all ages and styles. Cuban chains can be found in a variety of materials, including gold, silver, and stainless steel, and can be worn alone or layered with other necklaces for a more layered and intricate style.


Cultural Significance of the Cuban Chain

The Cuban chain has cultural significance beyond just its aesthetic appeal. In the Cuban culture, the chain is seen as a symbol of unity and solidarity, representing the interlocking links between individuals and their communities. For many Cuban Americans, the Cuban chain is a way to connect with their cultural heritage and celebrate their roots.



Choose Yours

The Cuban chain is more than just a piece of jewellery - it is a symbol of history, culture, and personal style. From its origins in the streets of Havana to its prominence in the world of hip hop and beyond, the Cuban chain has become a fixture in modern fashion. Our Cuban chains come in a range of widths and lengths, filled with solid stainless steel for a heavy feel and plated in 18K Gold or Platinum for a high quality finish. Whether you're looking to make a bold statement or emulate your hero’s style, a Mined London Cuban chain is a versatile and timeless piece to add to your collection.

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Written by Chris Lawn

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